Boost Your Sleep Confidence and Break the Insomnia Cycle with This Simple Trick!

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Do you have trouble sleeping if you don’t have the perfect sleep setup? Maybe you feel without your specific sound machine, pillow, sleep gadget, or special tea you'll be doomed to a night of insomnia? If so, you might have low "sleep confidence."
Sleep confidence is just the confidence of knowing you're going to fall asleep and stay asleep when you go to bed. And believe it or not, it plays a big role in whether or not you do!
People who sleep easily don’t even think about sleep confidence — they just have it. But if you struggle with insomnia, your sleep confidence is probably shot.

How Low Sleep Confidence Feeds the Insomnia Cycle

Low sleep confidence makes you worry about not sleeping...which makes it harder to fall and stay asleep... which lowers your sleep confidence even more. Rinse. Repeat.
If you regularly have insomnia, you also likely underestimate how much sleep you get due to sleep misperception.
This makes sleep confidence even worse... which makes your insomnia even worse.... and down the insomnia black hole you go.
BUT you can get this cycle working with you instead of against you!

The Power of Small Sleep Gains to Boost Your Sleep Confidence

The beauty of sleep confidence is that even small sleep gains can give you a significant sleep confidence boost.
That makes you think and worry less about your sleep at bedtime, which makes it easier to sleep... and that better sleep increases your sleep confidence even more.
That's why sometimes all you need is to pull on the right thread to completely transform your sleep.

My Favorite Sleep Tip: A Simple Hack to Increase Sleep Confidence

One of my favorite ways to break the insomnia cycle and build sleep confidence is to listen to an audiobook or podcast at bedtime.
Just set the audio on a sleep timer for however long you think it takes you to fall asleep plus a little more to give yourself a buffer. Then close your eyes and enjoy the story.
This relaxation technique for sleep helps take your mind off your sleep worries or other stresses, and can help you look forward to bedtime again — which actually helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.
With renewed sleep confidence you can go to bed without all the anxiety about whether or not you're going to get the sleep you need, and without all that anxiety you stand a much better chance of getting that quality sleep.



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I’m on a mission to help you sleep better with practical, evidence-based solutions. 

As a professional news anchor and correspondent, I saw my own sleep and health deteriorate for years. I tried one standard sleep tip after another. But they either didn’t work, or seemed completely unrealistic — and in some cases both. 

So I used my experience as a journalist and problem solver to research and consult with experts and patients all across sleep science. Together they helped me create actionable fixes that are practical, easy to understand and, most importantly, really work! 


Keeping a sleep diary is often the first thing a sleep specialist will tell you to do and it can be an incredibly valuable tool, whether you’re tackling your sleep problems yourself or seeking professional help.


Overcoming Insomnia: Why Generic Sleep Tips Don't Work

Jun 22, 2024